EEG-fMRI Publications Brain Products Dec2021

Algermissen, J., Swart, J. C., Scheeringa, R., Cools, R., & den Ouden, H. E. M. (2021).
Striatal BOLD and Midfrontal Theta Power Express Motivation for Action.
Cereb Cortex.

Houldin, E., Fang, Z., Ray, L. B., Stojanoski, B., Owen, A. M., & Fogel, S. M. (2021).
Reversed and increased functional connectivity in non-REM sleep suggests an altered rather than reduced state of consciousness relative to wake.
Sci Rep, 11(1), 11943.

Jacob, M. S., Roach, B. J., Sargent, K. S., Mathalon, D. H., & Ford, J. M. (2021).
Aperiodic measures of neural excitability are associated with anticorrelated hemodynamic networks at rest: A combined EEG-fMRI study.
Neuroimage, 245, 118705.

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