Mobile EEG and Eye Tracking with Tobii Part1

Hardware Solutions and Data Synchronization

Investigating the neural correlates of real-life activities in more ecologically valid settings is gaining a lot of interest recently within the neuroscientific research community. However, challenges remain: how can you optimize your setup to record high quality data whilst providing comfort and freedom of movement to your participants? How can you synchronize all the involved data streams now that you are out of the lab? Which analyses could give you the best insights into your data? In the first part of this webinar we show you how to combine EEG and Eye Tracking measurement in a mobile and ecologically valid scenario, demonstrating how to prepare and optimize your setup with our super light-weight amplifier, the LiveAmp, and the Tobii Pro Glasses 3, Tobii Pro’s latest generation of wearable eye trackers. We will focus on how to properly synchronize the different data streams to be able to eventually infer meaningful insights from the recorded data.

Presentation slides with a range of useful links and resources, can be found here:

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Jackson Cionek