EEG Publication Brain Products Dec 2021

Selina C. Wriessnegger, Philipp Raggam, Kyriaki Kostoglou and Gernot R. Müller-Putz (2021)
Mental State Detection Using Riemannian Geometry on Electroencephalogram Brain Signals
Front. Hum. Neurosci., 26 November 2021

Metzen, Dorothea, Genç, Erhan, Getzmann, Stephan, Larra, Mauro F. Wascher, Edmund, Ocklenburg, Sebastian (2021)
Frontal and parietal EEG alpha asymmetry: a large‑scale investigation of short‑term reliability on distinct EEG systems
Brain Structure and Function, Oct 2021

Elena Plog, Martin I. Antov, Philipp Bierwirth, Andreas Keil, and Ursula Stockhorst (2021)
Phase-synchronized stimulus presentation augments contingency knowledge and affective evaluation in a fear conditioning task
eNeuro 2021; 10.1523/ENEURO.0538-20.2021 26 October 2021

Miyauchi, E., Kawasaki, M.
Behavioural effects of task-relevant neuromodulation by rTMS on giving-up.
Sci Rep 11, 22250 (2021).

J Rodrigues, D Marzban, J Hewig
The Influence of Mental Imagery Expertise of Pen and Paper Players versus Computer Gamers upon Performance and Electrocortical Correlates in a Difficult Mental Rotation Task
Symmetry, 2021 Symmetry 2021, 13, 2337.

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