Online fNIRS analysis - Turbo-Satori the new software from Brain Innovation

Online fNIRS analysis - Turbo-Satori the new software from Brain Innovation

04/12/2021 09:54:55 Author: Jackson Cionek

Online fNIRS analysis - Turbo-Satori the new software from Brain Innovation

We are very happy to present to you the first version of Satori, an analysis software for functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) data. Whereas Turbo-Satori, the previous release from Brain Innovation, is designed and optimized for real-time applications such as neurofeedback and brain-computer interface (BCI), Satori aims directly at offline analysis.

It is specifically designed to integrate easily with your research while providing state of the art processing and analysis pipelines. 

Satori was first developed as an in-house project to easily preprocess and analyze our own fNIRS data. We quickly realized its potential and are now very happy to be able to make it  available for everyone.The usability of the software is thereby one of Satori’s highlights. The fNIRS data can be inspected at any time and visualized in different forms and layouts. Please take a look at the shot below for a first glimpse of Satori. 

functional near infrared spectroscopy analysis software with  multiple ways to view data including time course and activity mapped onto a 3D brain

Having the possibility to inspect multiple views of the data at the same time allows for a much better orientation of the location of specific brain activity. In the example above, you can clearly see more activity on the left hemisphere induced by right-hand finger tapping.

Of course, the windows to inspect the data can be freely arranged and detached from the main window. This allows for a more detailed view as you can see below.

Each window within Satori the fNIRS brain analysis software can be detached and viewed independently to inspect the data

The time course of individual channels can be inspected for the different chromophores (Oxy, DeOxy and Total Hemoglobin). This includes the simultaneous view of event related averages and the whole channel time course. The versatility of Satori allows you to quickly review and understand the fNIRS data before deciding on the most suitable preprocessing and analysis method. 

The launch of this first version promises continuous developments, support, and education to make fNIRS more accessible to researchers in the years to come. Stay tuned for future updates of Satori which will include direct access to Python, further developments for the Flow manager (a tool to organize and streamline your preprocessing and analysis). 

We are looking forward to an exciting journey together with you!Tagged:

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