New BESA Research workshop scheduled


1)    New BESA Research workshop scheduled – register now!

2)    New BESA MATLAB tools available

3)    Reminder of our special loyalty offer – get to use the latest features now!




1)    New BESA Research workshop scheduled – register now!

The first online BESA Research workshop in March 2021 was a big success. Now the follow-up has been scheduled and is open for registration.

The workshop is free of charge. The participant limit is 30 participants per day. There are many exciting new features in BESA Research and its sister products which will be covered extensively.

The workshop will take place from 14th – 18th June on five consecutive half-days, in a time slot that works best for America and Europe. Please register for your days of choice using the registration form on

If you can’t make these dates, or if the time zone is not suitable for you: for follow-up workshops after this event, we will notify you as soon as the dates are fixed. You can also check our events site where the link will be posted.


2)    New BESA MATLAB tools available

The latest updates in our MATLAB tools further expand the compatibility between BESA Research and other research toolkits. They are described in two new Wiki articles:

·         Export Surface Images as the GIfTI File Format using MATLAB

GIfTI (Geometry format under the Neuroimaging Informatics Technology Initiative) is a file format for surface-based neuroimaging data and many surface-based brain mapping applications support reading this file format. This Wiki article explains how to export surface image results (cortical LORETA, cortical CLARA, and minimum norm) in the GIfTI file format using MATLAB. See the picture at the top of this newsletter for an example GIfTI export.

·         Export Data to Brainstorm

The MATLAB function besa2brainstorm included in the BESA MATLAB Readers has been updated to export not only EEG data but also MEG data (MEGIN or CTF file formats) from BESA Research to Brainstorm for further analysis. This Wiki article tells you how to use the besa2brainstorm function in MATLAB.

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