Augmented Reality has been changed the way we interact with the world. By displaying virtual elements in the real world, we are starting a new field inside the science of technology information and human behaviour. This application has been used for several economic fields, such as: education, marketing, entertainment, military, medicine, engineering, architecture.  


Augmented Reality has been considered a powerful device to improve knowledge.The main reason is due to the increase in engagement and motivation when creating the display of virtual playful models that allow a better visualization of subjective contents. It is an application that will bring advantages to the educational system by combining gamification to important subjects that are teached inside the classroom. 


Thinking about how AR will influence human behaviour, we at Brain Support Corporation are starting developing applications that will bring AR to life inside neuroscience. So that brain physiology and anatomy will be easier to learn.


Try our first experience by using the QRcodes and the app that are available on the Knowledge Base: Augmented Reality and Human Interaction.


Image: Augmented Reality app - first experience at brain Support (Tâmara Nunes, 2021).


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