​What makes human beings special?
Watch Rutger Bregman and Yuval Noah Harari discuss their answers to this question in this clip.
​​Rutger Bregman is a famed Dutch historian and writer, whose celebrated books include Utopia for Realists and Humankind. In this interview, we talk about whether the pandemic will change society, on Biden and the Democrats, about ideas like the 4 day week and basic income, the climate emergency, his viral speech at Davos, and how we build a different world.
Prof. Yuval Noah Harari speaks with author Rutger Bregman, in a moderated conversation by Zanny Minton Beddoes, editor-in-chief of The Economist.

This event is apart of a series of online conversations on global challenges and their implications for Ukraine, organized by the Yalta European Strategy (YES) and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.
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